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Conversion proplem with Percentage_t parameter and multiplyBy100


I suppose there is a problem loading fix values, when in amend mode, using a Percentage_t parameter with the attribute "multiplyBy100" set to "true" : for example, writing "45" in the input field we get the value "45" as output FIX, but, when loading in amend mode, the same value is divided by 100, showing 0.45 instead of 45 in the input field.

Looking at Percentage_t.cs code, seems the problem could be solved replacing the following line in the ConvertFromWireValueFormat function:

return (MultiplyBy100 == true) ? (decimal)decimalValue / 100 : (decimal)decimalValue;


return (decimal)decimalValue;

i.e. without divide by 100 when converting from wire value.