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HTML support for tooltip attribute (of lay:Control element)?


Some brokers are using HTML tags inside tooltip attribute (of lay:Control element). After browsing through the ATDL 1.1 specs, I am not seeing specific mentioning of whether this feature is specs approved or not. Please provide your thoughts on whether Atdl4net should support this feature or not.

Broker-A e.g.
<lay:Control ID="c_Price" label="Price" parameterRef="Price" tooltip="<html>Entry Examples:<br>Price: 10.15 ($10.15)<br>bps: -10bps (move 10 bps in favor from arrival price)" xsi:type="lay:TextField_t"/>


SteveWilkinson wrote Jan 9, 2012 at 8:06 PM

I don’t think the example below is valid XML as the closing angle bracket after html would surely signal the end of the Control element…?

In any case, allowing for this, the tooltip might read "<html>Entry Examples:<br>Price: 10.15 ($10.15)<br>bps: -10bps (move 10 bps in favor from arrival price)"

I have seen HTML used in the Description field (atdl4j doesn’t support it but some EMS vendors do, e.g., RealTick) but not before in the Tooltip field. I’d consider putting in the functionality (it should be fairly easy, right?) but only if it were commonly adopted – can you provide more examples (brokers and/or vendors)?

garyhsu wrote Jan 10, 2012 at 12:45 AM

Looks like this is the only broker we have so far using embedded HTML tags in the tooltip. All other instances of the tooltip tags in this FIXatdl XML file are the same value.