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Getting Started

1. Add reference to Atdl4net.dll
2. Add namespace to your .xaml file:
<Window x:Class="Atdl4netDemo.MainWindow"
3. Add an AtdlControl to the XAML markup (Grid is optional):
        <atdl4net:AtdlControl x:Name="AtdlControl1"/>
4. Create a StrategyProvider and load it with your ATDL file:
    string brokerId = "broker_abc";
    string filePath = @"C:\Atdl4net\Test Data\broker_abc_strategies.xml";

    StrategyProvider strategyProvider = new StrategyProvider();

    strategyProvider.Load(brokerId, filePath);
5. Set the control's Strategy property to the strategy of interest, having first called LoadDefaults on the strategy's controls:
    Strategy_t strategy = strategyProvider.GetStrategyByName(brokerId, "VWAP");

    AtdlControl1.Strategy = strategy;

    AtdlControl1.InputFixValues = FixTagValuesCollection.Empty;
6. Call the RefreshOutputValues method of the AtdlControl, then read the output FIX tags and their values using the OutputFixValues property.

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